xGRV road to $1,337,000 and your financial freedom.

xGRV in it’s #OnlyUp mission.

The extreme volatility and red candles in the crypto market created the necessity for a new type of token, one with a stable price increase. So, building a token and a network that you can trust was necessary. A token that when you buy it, you can rest easy knowing your money is secure since the liquidity pool is growing at a consistent rate, keeping the price floor strong. The fist token of this kind was GraviToken, but, unfortunately, not all the investors were excited about the GraviToken project management. So, we, as a part of the GraviToken community, decided to launch a fork of this project, with the same great mechanism, but with fair and transparent management. All the decisions (marketing, partnerships etc.) will be made with the community’s help. GraviFork (xGRV) — the first fair and honest fork of GraviToken project.

Many of you may be familiar with how billionaires invest their money, but chances are, the majority of you aren’t. There’s no way they keep it under the mattress. They put it to use, but not simply in index trackers and other commonplace main-street investments that are available to the general public. They’re far more rapacious than that (they are billionaires after all). Hedge funds are started by them.

You must be wondering what a hedge fund is now. Rather than dive into the technical specifics, think of it as a corporation with a lot of money and makes active decisions about where to invest it. It is not uncommon for the mind to change hundreds of times per day. Whatever you can think of, they’re doing it: buying stocks, shorting currencies, and financing to governments. All with the same goal in mind: getting the most out of your investment.

Quantitative funds are a subgroup of billionaire hedge funds. The slogan for these individuals is the same: maximise profits, but they go about it using sophisticated algorithms, computer code, and other big-brain methods.

It’s also worth noting that these monies aren’t yet in crypto, giving us an advantage. When Quantitative hedge funds were king in the 2000s, they made enormous profits relative to the market. This is because many basic signs were available to quantitatively anticipate what was going to happen to a stock, but the market did not detect them. At the time of writing, cryptocurrency is in the exact same situation.

And to begin, what are the requirements? Liquidity. This is where xGRV comes in.

Starting a hedge fund is difficult, risky, and costly, as you can see. When you’ve never done anything like it before, the difficulty level is prohibitive. Especially when you’re trying to build the world’s first community-driven quantitative cryptoasset manager. You don’t have a network, you don’t have access to liquidity.

xGRV is an elastic supply token that we’ve created to grab the attention of the community, to enlist their support for our long-term goals, to raise money for the fund, and to serve as a launching pad for even bigger things in the future. You’ve heard the expression “eating an elephant one mouthful at a time.”

So now for the important part. You can gain entry to this hedge fund by holding xGRV until it hits a price of $1,337,000. The first of its sort in the world. When you buy xGRV, you’re adding liquidity to the market for trading cryptocurrencies. Imagine using our community’s own massive pot to trade a large number of cryptocurrencies at the same time, each having a 10x gain potential overnight, all determined by flawless algorithms and exchanged at high frequency precision. Not only today, but every day for the next two decades, you stand to benefit a great deal. Your financial freedom has arrived in the form of this.

Holding on to xGRV until then will provide benefits, of sure. Holders will receive a dividend payment from the ultimate liquidity. The rest will be put to good use as a launchpad into quantitative trading.

If you sell your xGRV, you might get 1.5x, 2x, or even 3x your money back, but you’ll be giving up the potential to be a part of a financial revolution that will provide you long-term financial freedom.

Finally, the GraviFork team wants to thank all the traders who are going to enjoy our product.

About us

▪ Website: https://gravifork.io

▪ Telegram Community: https://t.me/GraviFork

▪ Telegram Annoucements: https://t.me/GraviForkAnn

▪ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GraviFork

▪ Github: https://github.com/GraviFork



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